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Take the stress out of training your dog and let us do it for you!

This approach can be beneficial for dog owners who may not have the time or expertise to train their dogs effectively. Here at Canine Pawtential, we're dedicated to helping you train your dog and assist you in building the skillset you need to continue your training together. 

The Walk & Train Programme requires a minimum of two sessions a week lasting 30-45 minutes each. This is a good way to ensure regular training and reinforcement of desired behaviours. Sessions should be booked in 4-weekly blocks to ensure consistency and help both trainers and owners track progress and adjust the training plan accordingly.

We aim to train your dogs around your local area to make sure they can put the skills they've learned into practice where it is needed most. We will work up to exposing them to various environments and distractions, helping them generalise their training to real-life situations.

Following each session, you will receive updates via WhatsApp with  feedback on how you can continue the training at home and on your walks together.  We will guide and support you throughout the programme to make sure you and your dog can have maximum success.  



  • Training covered: lead walking, recall and confidence building.

  • Reactivity is not covered - please see our 1:1 Training Programmes.

  • Each session is £25. This can be paid as either £50 per week or £200 every 4 weeks.

  • Area covered: primarily North Ayrshire but can discuss further afield.

  • Training walks are available Monday to Friday at a time that suits you.

  • Necessary training activities will be included in your WhatsApp updates.

  • To book in, hit the 'Book Now' button below and we'll be in touch within 48 hours.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking.

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